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Our values guide us in life, they are the qualities that define us.They make us who we are and guide us in our life choices, what we believe in and what we commit to.For when my heart is not governed by lust but by love. You will roll your eyes at your peers’ PDA with their boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse.

As a 20 year old woman in college, I watch as many of my peers happily get hitched or find their beloved.In the case of Atmosphere and their newest record, EPs that Sean Daley made a pivotal query: Why stress multi-syllabic rhymes and true-school sensibility when you can lazily rap about the same thing on every song, keep your existing fanbase and exponentially increase your stable of groupies?It's worked well for him since-- at least from a short-term careerist standpoint-- but what remains to be seen is how long he can continue successfully milking the formula. Here, Slug tries to create the illusion of diverse subject matter by packaging each track differently. Because I never stopped to even think the struggle of some people. And I hope I'm not offending anyone on here when I say that.I would like a woman in her twenties for a deep friendship. Hello, I'm 41 now and have had similar experience trying to find a relationship as most of the posters.

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