What episode do seth and summer start dating

Sandy: …And you know, they do find foster homes for kids your age. You guys are going to ship him off to a group home?

You know what I’ve always wanted to do besides sail to Tahiti? Hit the road, stop at diner to diner, the pancake tour of North America.

By now you have probably heard that our beloved California clique is getting a musical. The latest piece of news is that Autumn Reeser (who originally played Taylor Townsend) has been cast in the musical as the mother we all love to hate, Julie Cooper. With back in our lives (who are we kidding, it never really left) we couldn’t help but reminisce about one of television’s greatest love stories, Seth and Summer.

Musical” is officially a thing and for days now an entire fandom has been going wild as new information is leaked by the minute.

With winter just weeks away, Boyce takes a massive risk crossing a river to reach rich ground while Ben rappels down a cliff in search of legendary nuggets.

68 year-old mining veteran John Belcik makes his initial descent into the Canyon.

A strong partnership is forged through braving the elements and facing their demons, but takes a turn for the worst with a freak accident.

What followed was an adorkable love fest that continued until the series’s premature end (thanks a lot, Mischa Barton.) During that time Seth and Summer instantly stole our hearts with their deliciously cheesy humour and over-the-top admiration for one another.

With that in mind, we are looking back at all the times Seth and Summer made us insanely jealous of their relationship.

I’m sorry if I’m the only one here that will state the obvious— Kirsten: Seth!

Seth: Yeah, because everybody wants a brand new teenager.

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