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Topics: Introduction | Example of an Inserted Table of Contents | Creating a Table of Contents Modifying Table of Contents Options | Updating the Table of Contents Helpful Information: Navigation Pane | Proper Table of Contents Structure (video) Tables of contents (TOCs) aid in document navigation and display the layout of content. Lists of items provide structure and a hierarchical view of content.

In addition to appearing like a list of items, the items in the TOC are links that allow the user to easily jump from one section to another, making them particularly useful in lengthy documents (20 or more pages).

Update Page Numbers()Hi Uday I think, in Word terms, what you need is to use HEADING STYLES.

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To update a TOC: To update a LOF: Same procedure as for updating a LOT, but for step 2, you click anywhere inside the List of Figures first. If you’ve inserted or deleted a table or figure, then it’s possible that the table or figure caption won’t get listed in the LOT/LOF.

Dealing with the table/figure Track Changes by accepting/rejecting them usually sorts this out.

A TOC makes it unnecessary to scroll through the document searching for a particular section.

Next click Table of Contents and then select either Automatic Table 1 or Automatic Table 2.

Use the built-in heading styles to number headings and figures in an Appendix Use Heading 1 to 5 styles for the main body of the document. Create a new label (Figure_Apx) to number captions for figures in your Appendix.

Only then can you create a cross-reference to these captions in the text. Word's built-in heading styles (Heading 1, Heading 2 and so on) are terrific for numbering headings in your document. The built-in Heading styles have all kinds of "magic" properties: they can be used to number Figures or Tables, refer to those Figures or Tables, build tables of contents, tables of figures and so on. This page shows you how to do numbering for headings, figures, references to figures and page numbers in a document that contains several "Chapters" (or "Parts" or "Sections") followed by one or more Appendixes.

Contents of this page You have to use the built-in Heading styles in order to be able to use their "magic" properties (described at Why use Word's built-in heading styles? Therefore, we use Heading 1 to Heading 5 for headings in the main body of the document.

And we use Heading 6 to Heading 9 in the Appendixes.

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After accepting/rejecting the change, update the LOT/LOF and all should be well again. I’m not sure what causes this, but turning off Track Changes and updating the TOC/LOT/LOF should fix it.

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