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That enables us to call get - which calls create on the Factory - on the one and only Future instance that is contained within the Map. Note that the interface specifies a generic "Factory".

Also note that I have not been able to find a library or canonical reference for Memoizer. Here it is re-created for your convenience (note that I have adjusted it slightly, for example allowing the user to specify the number of segments created in the underlying Concurrent Hash Map): implementation to compile this example.

The write-through pattern mimics the structure of the cache-aside pattern when writing data.

The difference is that you must implement the interface and configure the cache for write-through or write-behind.

The upstream system, whether a JSP or velocity page, or interactions with a service layer or database are doing 10 times more work than they need to. It is blocking because all threads requesting the same key wait for the first thread to complete.

Or imagine you have collections of data which go stale in a few minutes.

package contains some applied caching classes which use the core classes to solve everyday caching problems.

Two of these are Blocking Cache and Self Populating Cache.

It also supports use with the popular Hibernate Object/Relational tool and caching with the Java EE Servlet. The rest of the documentation can be explored for a deeper understanding. This means that application code which accesses the system-of-record (SOR) should consult the cache first, and if the cache contains the data, then return the data directly from the cache, bypassing the SOR.

Otherwise, the application code must fetch the data from the system-of-record, store the data in the cache, and then return it.

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