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Police said they could connect the accused to 15 of these.A Florida man who used screen names like “Schooliscool10” and “cutiepieashley” to gain the trust of young girls before forcing them to commit grotesque sexual acts as he watched over Skype was sentenced to almost 19 years in prison, authorities announced Wednesday.The detective constable said: "It became more apparent that we had a number of other potential victims." Police contacted a company in London called UK Models, which the suspect allegedly based his fake agency on.The firm provided investigators with details of 20 women who had contacted them reporting similar cases.A man has been charged with sexually abusing his daughter, 17, and niece, 10, on live Skype conference calls with international groups.The man was arrested by the Jakarta Police in Kutai Kertanegara, East Kalimantan, on May 6 as a part of their Operation Candy 2, an operation conducted by the city police's special crimes directorate to combat child pornography.READ ALSO: This woman with huge MANHOOD goes viral (see photos)The men are shown a striptease, although a pre-recorded one, not live, accompanied by dirty talk, and then they ask for the other part to also strip. Caparas’ sextortion practice has been targeted as a culprit for the suicide of a Scottish 17-year-old boy, Daniel Perry, who was allegedly told by his tormentors he would be “better off dead”.Caparas denies any involvement with this terrible case.

The 35-year-old Smith later admitted that he talked with the children about sexual topics, and some of the children would show their genitals to him via their webcams.“Generally, Smith would convince the minor girls to undress and to engage in sexually explicit conduct with a sibling or pet,” say court papers filed by federal prosecutors in advance of trial.He had also allegedly abused his disabled niece since she was 7 years old and screened his actions on Skype.Wahyu said the suspect, who had been monitored by the police for a month, was a member of seven Skype groups that consisted of people from countries including the US, Mexico and Argentina, who sought child pornography.He also spread child pornography via Whatsapp and Telegraph messenger groups.Wahyu said the man committed the alleged crimes purely for pleasure.

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“Smith would often threaten the minor girls, stating that he would publish their nude photos or tell their parents if they did not do what he wanted.”By obtaining sexual photos of his victims and then threatening to expose the images if they didn’t comply with his demands, Smith was engaging in “sextortion,” a growing online practice used by sexual predators to produce child pornography and take advantage of children.

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