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See At petitioner’s bench trial for rape, Sandra Lambatos, a forensic specialist at the Illinois State Police lab, testified that she matched a DNA profile produced by an outside laboratory, Cellmark, to a profile the state lab produced using a sample of petitioner’s blood. (c) For Confrontation Clause purposes, the references to Cellmark in the trial record either were not hearsay or were not offered for the truth of the matter asserted. Because this was a bench trial the Court assumes that the trial judge understood that the testimony was not admissible to prove the truth of the matter asserted.

She testified that Cellmark was an accredited laboratory and that business records showed that vaginal swabs taken from the victim, L. She offered no other statement for the purpose of identifying the sample used for Cellmark’s profile or establishing how Cellmark handled or tested the sample. It is also unlikely that the judge took the testimony as providing chain-of-custody evidence.

- January 2007 Additional information/confirmation: A former student from 19. There have been reports of a mysterious lady in white.

She, according to witnesses and old photos of people that use to go there as guest of Mr.

She's been heard coming down the stairs and pacing the hall in front of "her" room.

This is all I know, I've been to the house many times and I've always noticed a strange feeling in the air. Alsip was once a huge brickyard for Chicago, as well as a planned cemetery.

The prosecutor argued that Illinois Rule of Evidence 703 permitted an expert to disclose facts on which the expert’s opinion is based even if the expert is not competent to testify to those underlying facts, and that any deficiency went to the weight of the evidence, not its admissibility. Here, the trial record does not lack admissible evidence with respect to the source of the sample tested by Cellmark or the reliability of its profile. (3) This conclusion is consistent with where forensic reports were introduced for the purpose of proving the truth of what they asserted.

The trial court admitted the evidence and found petitioner guilty. The State offered conventional chain-of-custody evidence, and the match between Cellmark’s profile and petitioner’s was telling confirmation that Cellmark’s profile was deduced from the semen on L. The match also provided strong circumstantial evidence about the reliability of Cellmark’s work. In contrast, Cellmark’s report was considered for the limited purpose of seeing whether it matched something else, and the relevance of that match was established by independent circumstantial evidence showing that the report was based on a sample from the crime scene. Second, experts are generally precluded from disclosing inadmissible evidence to a jury.

Samantha Jones Toal and Wren Wheeling Brendt Christensen, the man accused of kidnapping Yingying Zhang, was denied bail by U. Magistrate Judge Eric Long during a hearing on July 5.

There have been sightings of the woman and child together again. The story was told way back then about the child falling down the steps with the tricycle an the mom hanging herself.

There has also been blood stains found on the walls of every room and above the steps and on the steps of were she hung herself and the child fell down the stairs. There is a walk area runs along the sides of the gym up high and that's where the child road her tricycle back and forth with the metal pipe rails keeping a person from falling.

There have been stories of a teacher who hung herself because her kid fell down the stairs on a tricycle. The building is brick and use to have a huge chimney connected.

They have heard screaming and yelling and squealing of the tricycle tires. There was a tornado in the Spring of 74 an it knocked down the chimney.

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