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If a dog is behaving aggressively or does not look well enough to travel, the airline may not allow him on board the plane.

Large dogs are a no-no when it comes to travelling in the cabins of commercial airlines, except in the case of assistance dogs.

If you plan ahead and take necessary precautions, you should be able to share an enjoyable trip with your four-legged friend.

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Sedatives are used for everything from nail trimming to travel, but you should take caution when choosing one for your pet.

Testing has shown that an animal's respiration, heart rate and temperature all drop under sedation.

And some airlines even allow dogs to travel in the cabin — embracing a pet-friendly approach like never before.Some airlines may not allow them in the cabin, and will transport them as cargo in a heated and ventilated hold.Cats and dogs may travel and rest better this way, since it is quieter and darker, according to the International Air Transport Association.It is kept at the same temperature and pressure as the cabin, since the captain is notified of animals on board, and will make sure of this. ” Your pet will need to fly in a flight kennel made to IATA specifications, with enough room inside for the pet to stand up, turn around and lie-down in.Boxes can be made out of plastic or the appropriate kind of wood, and will need a water bowl and funnel for pet travel.

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