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But the App Store is seriously lacking when it comes to similar fetish interests. For a low monthly fee, you can join the app called Sizzel.

In the UK gay rights have never been better and we must thank the gay scene for being a visible force in the fight for equality, along with the advocates, politicians and public figures who've helped fight for that. And it doesn't take a lot to work out what they're all aimed at achieving: impersonal one-night stands (the polite way of saying sex).However, if you are looking for something more it's a real challenge and I've been there, from the apps, the dating sites and the networks that promote promiscuity.Sizzel just made its debut in America and is already connecting gay men interested in trying different flavors of fetishes.Unlike other fetish apps like Recon and Kinkd (seriously, what's with the shortage of the letter E on the App Store?

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