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One riverside hostel owner, who spoke to the Post on condition of anonymity, said that four of his guests had been targeted in the past week alone. And these are only the ones we’ve heard of – there may be many, many more,” he said.Typically, one of the syndicate’s members will approach a tourist, complimenting them on their appearance.Apply, pay and get it online and cross the border without needing anybody’s help.Check this – How to get a Cambodian Visa This is one of the biggest scams in Cambodia.In May 2016, Cambodian National Police executed search warrants at two locations in Phnom Penh and seized items sent from Australia, including computer equipment, mobile phones, handbags and other valuables.

Tourists along Phnom Penh’s popular riverside area are increasingly finding themselves playing a game they can’t win.After a friendship or online relationship is established, people are asked to accept and send parcels generally containing high value items, such as mobile phones, laptops, i Pads, cameras, watches and jewellery.These scammers asked Australians to receive and forward these parcels by claiming it is cheaper to send the goods to Australia or that the retailers are unable to send the parcels directly to Cambodia.Times have changed now and Cambodia is developing its basic infrastructure on a fast track. ” I was on the 5 hour bus ride from Siem Reap to the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

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After a brief look around the night market (it was small) she took me on a mini tour of the city passing an impressive looking casino and having a conversation with one of her customers in a pick up truck (us both still on the moto) without looking at what was in front of her…

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