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It’s possible that they feel the same way, but even then you’re not off the hook, because no one wants to be rejected, even if it’s by someone in whom they aren’t interested. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m super popular or anything, but I have a busy life and I’m lucky enough to have people in it whom I care about very much.

So how do you tell someone that this just isn’t going to work out? I don’t get to see them as often as I would like, so why would I tell this poor guy that I want to be friends with him?

So how do you tell someone that this just isn’t going to work out? I don’t want to use my valuable time to see him when I haven’t seen my besties in a week and a half. Whomever you give the “just wanna be friends” line to is probably going to take you up on it for one and ONLY one reason: because he or she still wants to get in your pants and thinks staying in your life as a friend is a good way to make that happen.

You might be tempted to tell your date/partner/stalker, “can we be friends? You’re probably thinking that I’m an asshole at this point, but it’s not true.

Unfortunately, you can’t get away with these excuses online because, well, let’s face it, you are looking for a relationship and that’s entirely why you’ve come here.

I’ve found a common dynamic when it comes to dating and friendship is I’ll invite a friend or a romantic interest to spend some time together, and I’ll either get no response from them at all, or I’ll get a some kind of ‘I can’t this week, but maybe next week? While these two responses are distinctly different, what they have in common is that being on the receiving end it can be unclear what the response means, In this post, while I use online dating as an initial vehicle for discussing the dynamics of no-reply and I’m-busy responses.

The more important dynamic I’m really interested in, is these responses from people who you know a bit better.

As harsh as the above may sound, rejecting people and showing them how you truly feel is a far better approach at dealing with an unwanted love interest than giving them a sliver of hope that something could happen and ignoring the reality of the situation.

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No one is really sure what to do when they know they aren’t interested in someone.

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