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The site offers 10 body-type choices, beginning at thin, and ranging to average, “a little extra,” “full figured,” “overweight” and even “used up.” If you don’t like anyone larger than “average,” you can filter them out.Or, if you’re into chubby prospects, you can filter everybody else out.Hopefully the acquisition doesn’t prevent Ok Cupid from publishing its anonymized data about the online dating scene.Or better yet, the reports will include data from both and Ok Cupid.Ok Cupid is a dating app similar to Badoo or Tinder that lets you connect with other people who are mutually interested.Like on all of these social apps, you have to create your own profile, where you can upload pictures and personal info.The dating site Ok Cupid confessed to experimenting with user matches, misleading them to believe they were compatible with people they weren't.

It allows them to hide the body types they’re not attracted to.About a month later, Thompson made his first telephone call to Picciano and by the end of March, Thompson was asking for money for a new computer parts business.“Believing his story because he now trusted Thompson based on their multiple daily conversations,” Picciano went to his bank — the Little Neck branch of Capital One — and made two wire transfers worth a total of ,000 to a Charles Willard in Dallas, Texas, according to court papers.While has a significant userbase, Ok Cupid singles tend to be younger, which is why Match found it to be a useful acquisition.The site, which is free, apparently generates revenue via advertising and according to IAC, has “been the fastest growing dating site in the advertising-based category.” Ok Cupid, which has raised million in funding, was co founded by Max Krohn, Sam Yagan, Chris Coyne and Christian Rudder.

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Like almost all apps of this type, it lets you find interesting people near you, chat with them, and if both of you want to, even get together.

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