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We had similar stories as I also have adopted children. He told me that I was beautiful and the sweetest lady he have ever met.

After three days of chatting he told me that he had a phone call from Barclays Bank in Scotland and asked if he could transfer his contract money into my account.

She quickly took my phone, set up the App, put in my distance requirement at a 50 km range from me, and a gender requirement of male, that is how easy it is.

I had never heard of Tinder before, and was petrified to even touch my phone, so Gabi Tindered for me, choosing who she was accepting and rejecting on my behalf for the rest of the afternoon.

I asked him why he was trusting me to put his money into my account and he said "What is love without trust'?Then for some reason when he asked me to pay £765 I agreed.He said that he couldn't do any transactions himself as he was offshore on ships and oil rigs near Glasgow.He claimed that he had been in the structural engineering business for thirty years and was very successful. It touched me when he talked about his adopted children.He said that his contract in Glasgow was nearly over. I chatted with him because I was interested in hearing about the kids he adopted.

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