Leo man dating pisces woman

She absolutely has to be a confident and independent woman who can match him when it comes to mental strength and be able to hold a conversation with him for quite some type.

My relationship started out much like the one above. He truly acted like the king of the jungle and when I didn't respond differently than before, he became insolent.

The symbol representing Pisces is that of two fish, each one swimming in the opposite direction yet connected by a fine cord.

For the Pisces woman, there is always the temptation to drift along through life in the world of daydreams (which in her case are full Technicolor productions) as opposed to staying focused on the real world around her.

This will ruin the romance between them and make it impossible for them to find any magic while they are together.

Leo’s openness and directness will make Pisces feel ashamed and rushed, and their sex life could be delayed indefinitely until Pisces partner feels secure enough to get naked.

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The gentle Pisces is a water sign who leads with her heart and is very family oriented.

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