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As AP originally reported in March 2016, the dispute centered on whether Davis was an employee of the band or a partner in their businesses. If he was a partner, he would be entitled to a split of all revenue. However, as reports, federal court records now show that a settlement has been reached, but the terms weren't released.

The suit was filed by Varoom Whoa, the business entity that owns Paramore. The Chancery Court in Nashville first received the lawsuit from Davis.

Their fourth album, Paramore, was released in 2013.

(2007), Brand New Eyes (2009), the self-titled Paramore (2013) and After Laughter (2017),.

In June 2009, the band welcomed Taylor York (rhythm guitar) as an official member, although he had already been playing as a touring member with the band since 2007.

Then, a parallel lawsuit was filed in federal court, which received a settlement order on April 25.

"Everything has been resolved and settled," says Jay Bowen, Nashville-based attorney for Paramore, to .

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