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Other designs include the lattice or “Tulip” design, prayer rugs, “Tree of Life”, and rows of repeating shield medallions.Most designs belie their heritage: Caucasian designs with a South Persian High-quality antique Afshar rugs display deeply saturated dyeing techniques, and they almost always sparkle from the lanolin-rich wool culled from their own flocks.Caucasus rugs are one of three major categories of Oriental rugs (the other two being of Anatolian and Persian origins).They all are hand-woven without pile or pile-knotted.In a large room, perfectly placed area rugs can help define the space, creating smaller sitting areas within the room.

By the twentieth century, however, their ranks had been diminished to an area in the southeast corner of Iran.Caucasus carpets are characterized by definitively bold colorations and daring geometrical designs.Technically speaking, Persian carpets today are produced in Northwest Iran, Iran being the modern name of Persia, but officially, this northwestern region is actually Southern Azerbaijan, a nation that was under the defunct Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).Stylishly versatile, rugs offer an easy way to add color and plush comfort to any room in your home.We offer rugs in every size, from smaller carpet squares to huge area rugs that span the entire room.

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