Are emily haines and jimmy shaw dating

The daughter of poet Paul Haines grew up as a dual citizen of Canada and India.

Although born in New Delhi, Haines -- the daughter of Paul Haines, a Canadian-American poet best known for his collaboration with jazz artist Carla Bley -- had moved to town by the age of three.Haines, singer of the Toronto band Metric, is savvy, outspoken and the closest thing Canadian music has to a smart sex symbol since Buffy Sainte-Marie took to the stage. Haines says that I look familiar before bidding me farewell, at which point Shaw comes in and talks about his muse. “We know how to get out of each other’s way, how to finish each other’s sentences, how to write songs and how to fight like the best of them.Over the past five years, I’ve had the great good fortune of meeting Haines a number of times and once even gave her a hug (which was received awkwardly, though in all fairness it was initiated by the band’s guitarist, Jimmy Shaw). Recording this album was smooth, but that doesn’t mean Emily and I don’t fight — we scream at each other daily.” Metric hails from the same pre-Arcade Fire universe as Feist, Stars and Broken Social Scene and represents many indie rock fans’ first taste of Canadian cool.As a solo artist, Emily released her solo album Knives Don’t Have Your Back in 2006.Her solo work is usually more subdued and piano based than her work with Metric.

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